Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost time to start again

With just over two weeks to go until we start our school seasons again, I find myself with mixed emotions.  I always enjoy getting back to see the kids this year and I will get to do it knowing that I have finally finished the Masters degree that I have spent the last four years working on.  (Yes, I took my time.) However, there are other factors this year that are really making it hard to get excited about this year and I have to work a little harder to prevent them from ruining an exciting time of the year.

The big announcement that I alluded to in an earlier post has not been forgotten about.  It is nearly ready.  I am hoping that this new program I have developed will be an outstanding resource for many of my colleagues.

Finally, before I start back into some new material for posts, I figured I would review former posts and clean up anything that has been left hanging.

In March, I posted a review of the concussion testing software for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad platforms.  I had been praising the software but for one big glitch.  I couldn't buy the software to run on my iPod Touch 2nd generation.  I was told I was not the only person having that issue and that the problem was being addressed.  The initial conversations about the problems were encouraging, but quickly fell off and the problem still remains on the iPod Touch.

I have been able to run the program without any issues from my iPad, but I don't really want to carry my iPad onto the sidelines of a Friday night football field.  I simply can't watch the iPad all night and it would grow legs far too easily.  The software also has not been modified from the iPod version to take full advantage of the iPad's graphics capabilities yet.

Because of these reasons, I cannot give the software a full five star rating that I would like.  The software does exactly was it is supposed to do otherwise and is of a high quality, but it is not completely refined yet.  In light of the fact that there are now at least two other competing pieces of software on iTunes, I would think that perfecting your product would be the best option.  Again, I wish there was more to report on this software as well, but unfortunately, after four months of waiting, there has been little done.